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Healing Power of Art for Recovery How Art Helps Heal Addiction

Incorporating these complementary therapies into your treatment programs can foster healing and personal growth. Expressive arts therapy is an intervention that can help heal the body and mind, with ancient roots in ritual, music, song, art, poetry, dance, and drama across all cultures. For this activity, each participant will…
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Percocet and alcohol: Risks of mixing pain medications

When opioids such as oxycodone and alcohol are combined, it can have devastating effects. Drinking alcohol while using opioids comes with many risks, including slower breathing, impaired judgment, and potentially overdose and death. Suddenly stopping this medication may cause withdrawal, especially if you have used it for a long time…
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Living with an Alcoholic: How to Support and Not Enable

There can also be declines in their mental and overall health, especially if they’re not eating healthy diets or engaging in physical activity. They may also withdraw from social situations and find excuses to miss events or optional commitments where drinking is not available or possible. There may also…
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The Eye-Opening Science Behind Alcoholic Rage FHE Health

Did you recently experience an incident that stemmed from your alcohol-related aggression? These situations likely spark emotions when you think about them — perhaps you feel embarrassed or ashamed. Because alcohol is a psychoactive drug, it temporarily alters your mood, perception and feelings. Anger Management Strategies According to research compiled…
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Amoxicillin and Alcohol: Is It Safe?

Interaction occurs with unclear frequency, and, when it occurs, it ensues with varying severity. Alcohol intake has been reported to diminish the antimicrobial effect of doxycycline. Levofloxacin, moxifloxacin, and trovafloxacin had improved efficacy in alcohol-fed rats compared to alcohol-free rats (24). All antibiotics were equally effective at improving survival and…
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Treatment types for mental health, drugs, alcohol

This type of care is best for someone in long-term recovery who just needs ongoing counseling and life skills coaching to avoid relapsing. If a person in the consumption room overdoses, medical professionals can step in to administer Narcan, reverse the overdose symptoms, and ultimately save a life. But make…
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Busting 5 common myths about water and hydration : Life Kit : NPR

Experiencing these symptoms, even when you have only consumed a moderate or low amount of alcohol, is a key indicator that you might be carrying genetic variants which make you more susceptible to its effects. Research shows that there are no immediate problematic side effects from drinking alcohol while…
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