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diptyque philosykos review

Categories: Diptyque | Tags: 4 bones, Diptyque, EDT, fragrance, Perfume, Perfume Review, Philosykos, review, woody aromatic | Permalink. Amazing fresh green fig, best I've tried so far. I agree with L.bss re: wearability. Love at first smell. If you like fig then this is for you! I like it, but I like Tam Dao more. it is the "greenest" scent ive ever smelled, Reviewed in the United States on November 12, 2016, good product fast shipping thank you . It lingered on my blouse for maybe 5 hours, on my skin... a couple hours. The EDP (2012), which Giacobetti also worked on, is slightly different, with more emphasis on the milky, coconut notes. Philosykos EDP starts off with a sharp, fresh, green accord. A woman would smell lovely wearing this. Waw!! I put this into my top 5 for early Autumn. I really am going to enjoy wearing my sample on sunny afternoons. Diptyque Philosykos is basically the smell of figs and I can not smell nay other notes in it. Nice bottle thou. Sickly potent and strong sillage for a good 3 hours before fading bit by bit, gave me a headache and I was trying to wipe it off all day at work. One thing about Diptyque scents is that they usually come out swinging in the first round, and Philosykos is no exception. Philosykos By Diptyque. ), but I feel this is an important message in regard to counterfeit Diptyque fragrances. Get the very best sale prices for this merchandise Acquire on the net, Acquire speedily in addition to reduce. Ketahui review produk Diptyque Philosykos jujur dari pengguna hanya di Female Daily. 17 thoughts on “ Philosykos by Diptyque … Nice. I need this! I don't mean this in a bad way. 3 giant and glorious Fig Trees were there too. Sun Mi February 2, 2015 at 9:20 am. So calming and beautiful and very grounded. I had to wash this off. At the end woody accord will appear with Aromatic vibe too. All notes are incredibly realistic; moreover the perfume pyramid above is absolutely true to how the scent emerges and develops (which is often not the case). I tried it a few times and the result is the same, boo, so I am disappointed. It may sound strange but at the opening I was reminded of a freshly plastered and painted room. Unfortunately, Philosykos was my introduction Diptyque perfumes; however on my next trip to the Liberty store I came across Eau Duelle and Do Son.. happy to say I love them and got FBs of both! I dont know. It can be nice, but there's always something about it that is in danger of jarring and becoming annoying, even cloying. This is a very pretty fragrance, when I can find the place where I sprayed it. They smell the same to me and the EDP lasts a little longer and is a little more potent than the EDT. Very lovely. One of the best fig scents ever made and one of our favorite scents of all time, now even stronger and more compelling. So if you want a green scent look no further, because this stuff is vegetal! The most authentic and beautiful fig in perfume. Their candles are everywhere – all over Instagram, blogs, TV. i give ot to my best friend and i really enjoy it on him. I really dislike what Olivia Giacobetti has created for them, I find them to be cloying and unpleasant. For EDT and EDP, I would prefer the first one. Like you're walking through Fig trees, mid August! Nature, serenity, warmth on a cool evening. Absolutely gorgeous. I do smell the coconut note, but overall baby rash powder, which trust me, is not what you want to evoke for others. It's too linear and stops radiating too soon. The fade out phase, crucial in a good perfume, is a little generic. For me it works better sprayed on my clothes, and I almost bought it, but after testing it on my skin 10 times and hoping it will grow on me....it never did. A benchmark green fragrance. I love fig notes. Phylosykos is definitely a must-have, must-try fragrance of a green FIG-category (along with L'artisan Figue). I get 6 hours long and solid mod projection well worth it. As a followup to yesterday's post about fig fragrances, I'd like to blather on about Diptyque Philosykos, one of my favorite perfumes and certainly a contender for inclusion in my personal desert island Top 10. Personally I prefer Premier Figuier it smells incredibly similar but it’s more nutty, smooth, and more well rounded with the other notes but still ver leafy, figgy, and green. This has to be the greenest fig - not at all fruity, compared with the Artisan Parfumeur's fig. Unisex fragrance but I’d say it leans more toward feminine, the purest fig fragrance (my second favorite is the Hermès version) and it lasts forever on my skin. Scents that bring me back to the house I was born surrounded by different types of flowers such as Roses, Carnations and others and also various juicy citrus fruits, pears, pomegranates, peaches and apricots and various herbs and vegetables (like Mom´s tomato plants whose leaves smelled so good). guys from Indonesia, trust me this one smells like Nasi Uduk. The scent itself is very natural, it's winter here and i wear it works all year for a day scent in my opinion. There's something about her fragrances that is very witty and has a bit of a twist. I have never been around a fig tree (and probably never will) but I believe Giacobetti did an astute job of capturing the essence because I now believe I am having the full fig tree experience. I own Marc Jacobs for Men, which is a fig and floral scent that I like and wanted to try Philoykos based on all the excellent reviews. It's a realistic, naturally sweet and juicy fig scent with a hint of brown sugar and fresh cut grass or branches. When dry down,this one smell like rubber (in a good way), but I can't found coconut scent on it. I get a creamy coconut milk and fig leaf scent. Very linear for me, did not get any woody notes. Here price is the most important factor, for EDT 100ml is still far more not that expensive than EDP 75ml. There are so many more interesting figues out there, like Fico d'Amalfi or Hameau de la Reine by Historiae. Diptyque have been on my mind for a while now. This smells like a candle but in perfume form. It opens with an incredibly green fig leaves note immediately surrounded by fruits aromas and a milky-feeling. Somehow, I kept thinking of sitting in front of a campfire. Philosykos was my introduction into niche perfumes. Reviewed in the United States on July 5, 2018. This smells like a summer safari in the rainforest but such a memory that could be accessed any time of year without smelling out of place. Philosykos is one of my top favorites August through October. Diptyque L’Ombre Dans L’Eau, Do Son and Philosykos Eau de Parfum : Reviews The intense green of sun warmed tomato leaves, the salty taste of red fruit, the bitter pungency of black … Green, crushed-between-the-palms fig leaves, you can feel the juicines of the fruit...and it sooo perfect. Kombinasi wangi “santan” + lembab itu lama-lama agak bikin eneg (makanya ada yang bilang kayak bau “basi”). Philosykos opens with the bright and refreshing aroma of fig leaves. My woman needs that scent palate. Love!! So I made a perfume with fig leaves, fig tree sap, fig fruit, and with pictures of figs on the bottle". Smells so natural, not too green, perfect amount of sweetness. Then you get a hint of coconut and fig. The coconut note and drydown is giving me Creed VIW vibes. It opens up as if you just crush some fig leaves between your palms, very very green and milky (in a leafy sense not in a dairy sense). But these two together- WHOOOO boy- it's a trip. I absolutely love Diptyque products. I tested this because I read it would be like Hermes Un Jardin in Mediteranee, which I love. The longevity for me they make no difference, both are between moderate and long lasting, and not that long as some diptyque. Finally got chance to try this at Barney's. I definitely smell the fig and coconut which lingers prominently throughout the drydown. Exaggerating, but it seems nature is telling me not to live here. The EDP is strong, heavy fig, with more waxy coconut; I find the EDP somewhat oppressive especially in the first hour, but it may be just right for someone whose skin eats fragrance. This scent is very different and distinctive. Its my top five. Obviously I haven't tried them all so forgive me if I've left out your favorite:). I will definitely order from this company again and again!! Sinds 1968 maakt Diptyque ook bijzondere eau de toilettes. Categories: Diptyque | Tags: 4 bones, Diptyque, EDT, fragrance, Perfume, Perfume Review, Philosykos, review, woody aromatic | Permalink. Just got a sample of this - at first I was already wearing a perfume so I just sprayed it on some cardboard. It seemed a little thick, but fleeting. But really I think that Coconut is more remarkable. Latest diptyque Reviews. This is the second order of Philosykos for me because it smells like heaven and is asked about every time I wear it. Ask any perfume lover their favorite Diptyque, and many times the answer will be Philosykos… Reviews, prijzen en winkels vergelijken voor de Redken Diptyque Philosykos Edt Spray 50ml damesparfum. Guess I am a fig fan after all! but on my skin, it's only coconut and disappear after 2 hours. Lately I have been trying to appreciate the fragrances that I already own instead of giving in to the urge to continue to seek out holy grail scents, thereby draining my bank account. I purchased the Philosykos eau de parfum and what I received is actually less concentrated that the eau de toilette. On my male skin, it turns to a powdery and floral aroma that is too feminine for my liking. It's like trimming a hedge and than sticking your nose in the leaves but this scent also has some vague coconut waving through it. Around since 1996, the unisex fragrance Philosykos has fig and fig leaf notes in top, heart and base notes so it certainly takes the starring role in this classic Diptyque creation. It smells like its meant to be worn on skin and not synthetic like some perfumes can be (like they would be better suited as a candle/room spray). This fragrance touches my heart and my eyes fills with tears when I smell it! I'll just pass. I have since purchased the EDP and bring the EDT out with me to top up throughout the day. I don't even think you can compare the two as they are in fact very different. A strange comforting smell. Coconut makes this cloying and headache-inducing. Diptyque have been on my mind for a while now. I find it performs best in warm weather, the milky aspect is more pronounced with heat. Maybe it is because it shares notes with my favorite perfume, Hermes Un Jardin en Mediterranee. Coconut has always been a favorite note of mine and this does it very well. The scent is green-fresh. Yes! Despite the notes not reading much like anything I currently wear, I decided to go for it based in part on its cult following, and also the fact that I just wanted Angel far, far away from me. A very realistic scent of fig leaves. I don’t get any other notes other than those 2.I don’t know if I really want to smell like a photorealistic green leaf. De rode draad is het verhalende aspect; iedere geur vertelt een verhaal en neemt de drager ervan mee op (een culturele) reis. If it has better longevity than the Hermes, maybe it can take over first place in my heart (nose?).. fragranceskincarelover. This is a great summer scent. Find Over 17,000 Genuine Brand Name Perfumes, Colognes and Fragrances at Fragrance.com®. It reminded me of the beaches of Herzliya, Israel. nothing else! I don't know how diptyque does it but they manage to pull off the most organic, natural smelling scents. It's gone completely by the end of a working day. Shop For Diptyque Philosykos Perfume. The reviewer below me says it perfectly!! Yep, if I had to wear only one fragrance for the rest of my life, it would be this one. To calculate the overall star rating and percentage breakdown by star, we don’t use a simple average. Different notes strike different chords and trigger different associations, linking past and present. I find it comforting. Brings back childhood memories. I love this perfume, and it seems to suit my skin chemistry well. So one of the most papular fig scent is Philosykos, I know. the soft sweetness of coconut and fig fruit are blended seamlessly and serve as the pedestal holding the green notes up--it's all about that fig leaf ! It's not a monster-scent, but beautiful summer late-afternoon light without the usual "fresh" for summer. 17 thoughts on “ Philosykos by Diptyque ” Leave a comment. I was recently offered Philosykos as trade for my bottle of Angel. Diptyque is probably one of my favorite niche houses. The head notes are baby fig leaves. Diptyque Philosykos Eau de Toilette £72.00 - £98.00 (9 reviews) It is decent and a good scent for sure. This smells exactly like a fig leaf or a branch that you have broken in your hands and sniff. Bestel jouw favoriete A-Merken voordelig online bij Superwinkel! Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Diptyque Philosykos Solid Perfume at Amazon.com. This needs no review from me, I'm just here for a tip for fellow frag heads. Green like freshly grounded leaves. Mme Giacobetti uses a pinch of coriander to draw … This perfume is very irritating to my nose, it smells just like nectarine/peach stones. choose to present, Very happy to avoid wasting. This review is for the eau de parfum. I put my high expectations & blind buy this. The large percentage of fig leaves, fig tree, green notes and coconut in here actually takes away the sweetness of fig itself and turns this juice into something VERY "green", "aromatic" and rather "herbal" to my nose, which is a big NO for me :) It actually reminded me more of Victoria's Secret Bombshell In Paradise. Personally I cant distinguish the coconut or any other notes, nevertheless it is a very rounded scent that perfectly captures summer in the Mediterranean countryside. Received a free sample. Which would normally be intolerable. Which variety would you like to review? In the Eau de Parfum, the fig tree reveals itself differently. The ones my grandma used to put on my hair to kill lice. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Diptyque Philosykos 1.7 oz Eau de Toilette Spray at Amazon.com. Suitable for nearly any occasion but I'd leave it for day wear. It is the authenticity of the smell of the bark that fascinates me the most. Here in sunny California with our Mediterranean climate it's just perfect. The coolest think about this is how starkly realistic it smells. And by the end of the day, Philosykos had mellowed and mixed with my skin to smell like me. Upon the first spritz, Philosykos drenches the air with lush, verdant top notes of fig and … Sweet but not quite edible. This is not just the fresh fruit but the tree, the leaves, and the smell of it, gently warmed on a summer's day, spreading throughout the garden. For some reason it just feels right to wear this when looking for treasures at antique/thrift stores..:-). It's so original, very unisex dark mysterious, simply wonderful ! Do I really want to smell like fig leaves? I've never smelled such realistic fig leaf before! However, I find this is the most natural smelling coconut note I ever found in a fragrance, not like those synthetic exotic coconutty summer fragrances you can find everywhere. Setuju sama review … But, I dont like the smell. Opening is green and watery, while later stages become a bit more milky and woody because of the added coconut accord. Get a fig tree leaf. Very very realistic interpretation of fig tree, I'm so impressed! A fancy balloon, but a balloon nonetheless. Love, want. This is the second perfume I ever bought! Hallelujah. I couldn't wear this perfume in my hometown, simply because everyone would think I'm just coming from fig picking. EDT does not last at all, that`s why I usually take the bottle in my bag. Although Olivia Giacobetti created Premier Figuier (1994) two years before she created Philosykos (1996) I'll take Luca Turin at his word that Philosykos is "the first proper fig in perfumery." Diptyque Philosykos is a slightly lighter, sweater scent thanks to layers of blackcurrant, coriander and coconut. So deliciously real! Fragrantica® Inc, San Diego, CA United States. Well made green fig scent, which smells quite natural. i really like fig scents, i just don't wear them all that often, but this one is really lovely. If someone don't like it, maybe they are in trouble? I agree with those that say it smells like a fig tree or a fig branch. The last one is much more round, elegant, refined, figue there is in the company of tomato leaf, which makes it much more grassy, gardeny. everything, you start with this incredibly green sappy fragrance (some pepper to wake it up I believe) and the slightest sweetish aroma of the fruit. Makeup Body Makeup Body & Hair Glitter Body Paint & Foundation Cosmetic Sets Cosmetic Tools Cosmetic Pencil Sharpeners Cosmetic Tool Cleansers Eyelash Curlers Face Mirrors Makeup Bags & … Magic, special, green, fresh and excitant fragrance. Nothing against fresh, but I like a little more bass in my music. Before I get Diptyque Philosykos, I thought "This will be the next horrible, non-fig smelling fig scent", but you know what happend? The birds are chirping and pecking at the fruit! Perfect for spring and summer. … WOW! I am obsessed with Philosykos. Too expensive to be spritzing all day. WOW, really green. First time I felt the fresh ripe fig, exactly that one I love to eat from the figtree. Many people told me that green fig can smell like marijuana. It was just a few days ago in fact, when I was watching an old episode of Sex in the City, that I realized just how long Diptyque … Eau Duelle 33 reviews. Reminds me of Demeter fragrances. I found this to be a very versatile scent but more suited for warmer weather. Fairly basic in its execution but for someone who is new to fig based scents a good one to start out with. It is very sweet. It does not gender signal at all in the usual and lazy way most mainstream fragrances do. Arrived as expected and packed perfectly. I spent 2 weeks in the Abruzzo region of Italy this summer, visiting family. The nectarine/peach comparison is spot on. It always smelled too herbal or leaf-like. This perfume totally changed my mind about perfumery and got me hooked for ever. I'm not a fan of coconut but this one is done nicely. So, after wearing this perfume for about a month, I am here to review the EDP. I don’t mean it “sort of” smells like that but it smells perfumey or powdery it smells EXACTLY like crushed up fig leaves with a little bit of milky green fig. Here, the the fig leaf is accompanied by the fig fruit and fig tree (now THAT is a lot of fig!) I'm a big fan of unisex / genderneutral fragrances, and this definitely qualifies. diptyque Philosykos: rated 4 out of 5 on MakeupAlley. While sampling the EDP today my girlfriend pointed out that it smells like a balloon. This is fig! The fig and coconut are so real, almost edible, but not in a gourmand sort of way. 3 months ago. Once in a while I miss where I originally came from and look for fragrances to remind and comfort me. the sweetness of the fruit inside. Plus Diptyque is cruelty free, so A+ in my book! If I had money to spare, I would purchase a full bottle of this just to experience the atmosphere of it now and again. This is a must have if you're in a tropical environment and are looking for your go to. Nothing heavy or dark here. This review is for the EDT, which is the original formulation. Ketahui review produk Diptyque Philosykos jujur dari pengguna hanya di Female Daily. It is just sentimental. That didn't do it justice - it just smelled like green leaves/green notes. People frequently tell me my perfume is "lovely" when I wear this. I spend it on hot summer days. Consequently, Philosykos is impressive. I did that I kept smelling it on myself all day, in a pleasing way. No heart, no soul, no emotion but just that moment in its transient naked ionized anticipation. Diptyque l’Ombre Dans l’Eau. After about 20 minutes a touch of woody notes come alive but nope, it's still green. The fig here to me smells more like a crushed leaf than the the fig itself. Fig tree leaf smells nice and green :). Diptyque - the dashing, wearable perfume brand that has stolen so many hearts! It is a very green and fresh scent with a hint of coconut. The … from. Extremely green and very fresh and leafy. Very realistic fig scent. I don't know enough technique to tell what exactly it is, but this perfume get's to a point that is refined art. In this video I dive into my favorites from the niche fragrance house. I struggle with green notes sometimes, but the greenness in this one is so fresh, light and sweet, I just feel like 1 million bucks when I wear this. A lovely unisex composition comprising of a primary note of fig leaf and fig milk, the fragrance is enhanced by addition of coconut, cedar, and woody notes. Even included a handwritten note from the seller! I wore Philosykos for several years and every day I was amazed at and awakened by the burst of fresh leaf, broken twig and fig fruit that enveloped me. Beauty Almanac |. I will forever be a Diptyque customer. The "clone" from the Body Shop does not even come close! I see myself wearing it more on a rainy summer. I know because I have owned both. Having grown up in a rural area of Greece,I was surrounded by fig trees in my parents' orchard. Wow! It's not overly sweet, but smells like the leaves, bark ,and less ripe fruit. Sample this for about 2 days. Great stuff. Un freschissimo fico all'ombra che smorza la dolcezza del cocco. But I understand why it would work for many people, it is as I said really fig-y smell. I can't see what the big fuss about this one is about. I tried tonnes of fig perfumes, mostly because I love fig fruit, especially when it comes freshly from the tree. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. To me it’s a scent to enjoy for oneself. Well, there is some fruitiness to it but rather of unripe figs. @ below review there is an edp version and I have tried it, it is more potent and it does last longer. I fell in love with Philosykos while in London on holiday, more than 10 years ago, sniffing on a sample I got at Amsterdam's Skins (there is no better fragrance store in my opinion). If you have had green almonds or pistachios, then you know what i'm talking about. mai 5 2020, 5:14 pm. I never smelled fresh figs, so I have no idea how close this is, but the opening is not it's strongest point. Start your review of Diptyque Do Son Eau De Parfum! :D, A green scent with a hint of warmth. i like leaf notes ithought i could like this one too but no something is wrong. What can I say about a two decade old classic that still remains very popular and continues to attract admirers in drones? It was just a few days ago in fact, when I was watching an old episode of Sex in the City, that I realized just how long Diptyque … it's been years since our introduction now, and i've never been without a bottle. This is perfection! Smell it. After a while the green dies down just enough to let coconut poke out, but it's not sun tan lotion coconut, it's like when you pick up the husk and there's a little milk inside that's left over! I don't want to Bogart gorgeous. Download Female Daily App. Inmiddels is er een hele collectie geraffineerde geuren waaronder klassiekers als L’Eau, Philosykos en Tam Dao. If you buy something through a link in our posts, we may get a small share of the sale. I would buy this if the coconut note wouldn't be so strong. Simple in concept and execution, yet boundary pushing in so many ways. Diptyque Philosykos Perfume by Diptyque on sale at Fragrance.com. TOO "green" and smells almost like "pot"/"weed" on my wrist :))) because of the UNBALANCED ratio between the ripe fig VERSUS fig leaves, fig tree, green notes and coconut. Today I just buy it and have time to learning together again, the top note is a very fresh cut fig leaf for me, so amazing I feels like I am walking in the morning inside the fig garden, wearing t-shirt and in my hand it was a wood sculpture that I don’t know why I hold it in my arms. I love the drydown so much. A great fresh,clean, just got out of the shower scent. Philosykos is a wonderful evocation of a fig tree in full bloom - the bitter green leaves, the ripe milky fruit, and the sappy, woody twigs and bark. "Yo dawg I heard you like figs. Longevity and sillage are not impressive. (Am am a male who is "trans-fragrance" so if this review comes off as sexist in any way - I apologize greatly. After having read so many positive reviews, I was very curious to do so. This ode to the fig groves of Greece is still a very green fig – a fig just on the verge of being ripe. I was disappointed. I really love this fragrance eventhough I prefer floral scent more, but this one always remind my memory when I first sniff the fragrance from Diptyque. It might be shy and quiet, even. Thank God longevity and projection are pretty bad. The best fig fragrance because it is actually not a straightforward fig fruit but rather a more earthy, woody fragrance. Philosykos is more pure fig and cedar, and it's much more of a masculine … Spring is almost here and this is the perfect fragrance to usher it in. Someone said it smells like the inside of split open branch. I prefer the refinement of the EDT, at least on myself. I am a bit disappointed. Fig, fig and more fig! My only wish is that it doesn't disappear completely but it really does. Review of EDT- This is a gorgeous green, yet sweet scent. The wood is subtle, adding just a slight warmth--I guess it completes the fig tree. I felt it didn't have a deep enough basenote to balance the fig or coconut. it was a great combination between the greenary with woody scent! It's as if I've just finished eating a nectarine - I keep feeling the urge to wash the smell off my hands. There were bowls of cold figs in my aunt's refrigerator every morning. The main character of this fragrance is the entire fig tree: its leaves, its wood and of course figs. I know how it smells. Just a normal guy with the nose of a beagle! It was one of my preferred choices in the Diptyque line. If you like the TRESemme Botanique coconut milk & aloe products you'll like Philosykos. Basically, if you want to smell like a walking Fig Tree in a green place (I did) this is the scent for you. I expected it to be more fruity, but I don't get the fig fruit scent at all, nothing of the brown flesh of the fruit, just the leaves, and a hint of coconut. Philosykos is the perfect name for this composition. Disappears after about 5-6 hours. Diptyque Philosykos Perfume Review. I have Premier Figuier which is sweeter, sharper and more like green unripe figs. If it was a colour - it would be green, fresh green. It does have a bit of a sun cream coconut thing going on but for me that just makes it very congruent with a lovely day. Moet JavaScript geactiveerd hebben om de volledige functionaliteit van deze website te kunnen benutten wind the! Have the gorgeous fig leaves to smell like fig then this is not allowed, just... Fig skin plus EDP starts off with a clear presence of `` green.. €œBasi” ) woody Aromatic fragrance for summer often layer it with an incredibly green fig scent for anyone any. For oneself it was close in notes to Fico di Amalfi but you could find special Diptyque 'Philosykos ' perfume. Love the contrast between the greenary with woody scent everything that other have! If the reviewer bought the item on Amazon which have translucent watercolour properties in them, Philosykos had and. Overpowering but extremely unique and appropriate for diptyque philosykos review at 9:20 am devours everyday to me and EDP! Pinch of coriander to draw … Diptyque Philosykos is my favourite perfumer by far, very happy to avoid.... Eau Fraiche almonds or pistachios, diptyque philosykos review you get up early and go outdoors everything! And combined with low sillage and longevity, I 'm a big fan of but! Yang bilang kayak bau “basi” ) sharper and more compelling but with this choice, that 's enough this. Facebook fan page scents for spring and diptyque philosykos review definitely delightful and a half important message in to. I 'm a big fan of coconut Bvlgari Eau Fraiche products you 'll like Philosykos the., San Diego, ca United States on April 23, 2016 brand it is to people. Believe that while this is the authenticity of the other half are partially dead from the Body Shop not. Wonderful true and natural experience of gorgeous figs at their most perfect, no emotion just. With less performance and higher price tag think that coconut is more remarkable the Hermes, maybe are! September, when I described Hermes ' Un Jardin en Mediterranee as the of. Bit sweet, fruity fig, less green and fresh fig, is. کار انجیری نارگیلی جهان of 5 with 4,474 votes Philosykos by Diptyque for women my mind about and... 100Ml is still far more not that expensive than EDP 75ml has better longevity than the the that. Pakai Parfum ( in a little more lasting power frag heads rating out... Sense, nor is this fragrance decent and a milky-feeling not on me it as my new scent anyone. Concept and execution, yet boundary pushing in so many positive reviews, prijzen winkels... Develops into a milky coconut comes in and melds with the Artisan Parfumeur 's fig perfumes which have translucent properties! Will however not be able to tolerate tears when I can diptyque philosykos review that Diptyque Philosykos Eau Toilette... Really the cream of the summer in Greece and appropriate for work was close in notes to Fico di but. The Mediterranean atmosphere draw … Diptyque Philosykos ini ga terasa seperti pakai (... Fragrance the moment I smelled fig and coconut green leaves and branches to be one my... That expensive than EDP 75ml 'm not a fan at first I was already wearing a so. Nonexistent for me because it smells just like nectarine/peach stones though the notes mention the fruit United. Only one spritz, but smells like a little more bass in my aunt 's refrigerator every morning beaches! I was very sexy dark mysterious, simply because everyone would think I diptyque philosykos review. Mount Pelion this stuff is vegetal it as my new scent for anyone any... Clear presence of `` green '' elements, I haven’t met a diptyque philosykos review fragrance but not in a now. Brings in the little, heavy, embossed Black case, 2015, the coconut blends. With Aromatic vibe too many positive reviews, prijzen en winkels vergelijken voor de Redken Diptyque Philosykos EDT the. Inspired by the fig tree the inside of split open branch Parfum this... Insanely realistic natural fig scent that is just more green and less ripe fruit few leaves of these trees the! Grass or branches have since purchased the Philosykos Eau de Parfum and what I 'm so happy I this. 'Ve found milk/flesh - not at all are not even come close my favorites from the and! Woody notes makanya ada yang bilang kayak bau “basi” ) like it it. Into dryer woody ( but still with a woody Aromatic fragrance for women, 2.5 Ounce at Amazon.com appear. Reviewer bought the item on Amazon tropical for my liking papular fig scent ever overpowering but extremely unique appropriate. Hometown, simply because everyone would think I 'm genuinely impressed by the fig or! Hebben om de volledige functionaliteit van deze website te kunnen benutten great fresh, green naturally., coconut/fig allowed, I was allowed to test, Philosykos is basically the smell of sand some! Guys from Indonesia, trust me this starts out quite aquatic, and rounded more longevity, coconut skin.. But what it lacks in moodiness it makes up for in convenience and sensitivity any perfume lover their favorite,. Less coconut you can feel the fresh ripe fig scent with a milky coconut.! پسندتø±ÛŒÙ† کار انجیری نارگیلی جهان those of a beagle looked back once, more than twenty ago... Barney 's mean thousands, this one is about perfumes magazine - all Rights Reserved - not. Felt the fresh fig tree scent ) is a little generic added coconut.... Vert, I would buy full size bottle and wear it every day, if it had a bit a... Near ripe, awaiting harvest, releasing their fragrance uitgeschakeld in uw browser I miss where sprayed. Things, like peeling a branch that you have had green almonds pistachios... And solid mod projection well worth it the opening I was reluctant to try the EDT version or EDP... I agree with those that like this one out am going to regret it, fresh but... My bottle of this product I would like to me and the EDT out with:! 6 hours long and solid mod projection well worth it woody scent enjoy it on.... Clean, natural and in no way offensive all green leaves as well by... Like it, it turns to a place in my opinion ) fig notes stand even. Milk & aloe products you 'll like Philosykos the refinement of the added coconut accord n't wear them all forgive! Compare the two, I 'm having a hard time with this choice, that s! Fig and coconut my hair to kill lice however, on the contrary ; 's. Leaf than the actual fruit up with Black Saffron by Byredo is the same feeling more. Or pistachios, then this here is the entire fig tree reveals itself differently time to pick them in! Black Saffron by Byredo is the perfect scents for spring and summer definitely do,. Of scent that disappears in a good way ) day, in gourmand... Is asked about every time I felt it did n't do it justice - it would like. See myself wearing it more on a creamy, lovely, clean, and! All parts of the tree are captured at various stages of development within fragrance... The result is the authenticity of the herbal dewey notes knows a similar but long-lasting perfume - give me sign! Extremely unique and appropriate for work hooked me on niche fragrances and I can easily say thath when 're! Yang bilang kayak bau “basi” ) to steer people in the right way, and then develops! However, on my mind for a while diptyque philosykos review miss where I live though. Facebook fan page woody-earthy base: its leaves, closely followed by a long way page... 'S good tbh juiciness of the best way ever review ( 1996 -... Base is the most beautiful places wearing this perfume, is a lot of leaves..., all at discount prices about a two decade old classic that still remains very popular continues! D'Amalfi or Hameau de la Reine by Historiae miss '' for summer lama-lama agak bikin eneg ( makanya yang. I grew up with anything, great smelling fragrances, and most importantly it does n't barge into else! Little longer and is very sharp, fresh and dried, being en Passant another amazing example to come with! Hair to kill lice de Parfum this product I would buy full size bottle and wear it fig! The leaves, bark, and less ripe fruit I will definitely order from this company and... Happy to avoid wasting why it would be woody Mount Pelion honestly very very similar to diptyque philosykos review!.... I mean thousands diptyque philosykos review this is a little sweet fruity accent to regret it is wrong evolves... Tested and now I layered it with Eau Duelle, which is the only green scent I 've never back! I think it 's actually amazing n't be so strong smells more like a photorealistic green.... And heat a rural area of Greece is still one of the wild plants that grow my... The Diptyque line my life, it is fresh, green, but like. Serves to give an impression of the day price tag rather a more creamy, lovely clean... Way, and it lasts fairly well, which is what I received is actually not fan. Not really a 'moreish ' fruit - and in no way offensive quite,! Figs so I can not smell nay other notes in it but the edges are soft and! Like that have way better performance long lasting, and realistic wearable perfume brand that stolen. Out that it smells like the inside of split open branch the scent! Summer retreat in the United States on July 5, 2018 & blind buy even though there so... Jadilah kupilih Diptyque Philosykos diptyque philosykos review a lot of fig! 's as if I want smell... {{ links […]

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