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reichsrevolver for sale uk

Bore has deep rifling and has some fouling in the grooves. Reichsrevolver Model M79 The Reichsrevolver was a service revolver used by the German Army from 1879 to 1908. No license required. With shoulder stock slot. That gun weighed 2.5 pounds and measured a foot long. Wordery is one of the UK's largest online booksellers. Black powder only. 9.4mm? The left side stamped "C&S . An interesting 19th century revolver turned up during a Police raid in Liverpool, UK.The revolver has a tip up break action and appears to be styled similarly to the Webley-Pryse cartridge revolvers of the 1870s-80s with an octagonal barrel. The charge holes are straight through at .455" and the groove depth is about .435 ish. Frame has 15% of the original finish. Denix, company specialized in the manufacture of replica weapons of high quality. It was based on the first Reichsrevolver, the Model 1879. A RR1883 that I bought showed up with a cylinder that had been bored out with a large drill bit (for exactly what purpose unknown) and the cylinder is butchered. Inspector marks are, Serial #2408, .450 Boxer, 5 1/2" barrel with a very good, bright bore that has some freckling and mild pinprick pitting at the muzzle. Serial #68544, .36 Caliber, 4" octagon barrel with a very good, lightly pitted bore. 32 Standard 1875 tip up 5 shot. The M1879 Reichsrevolver, or Reichs-Commissions-Revolver Modell 1879 and 1883, were service revolvers used by the German Army from 1879 to 1908, when it was superseded by the Luger. The M1879 Reichsrevolver was the service revolver used by the militaries of the 4 German kingdoms: Prussia, Bavaria, Saxony and Wurtemberg from 1879 to 1908, when it was replaced by the Luger. Marked “Perrin et Cie" on frame. It is a solid frame, single action revolver chambered for an indigenous 10.6mm round. This is a later, Type IV revolver that has the 10 notch, 5-shot cylinder, and has an overall dark plum-brown, WEST POINT Cadet SPRINGFIELD M1851 Rifle Antique RARE; 1 of 341 Known Rifled with Rifle Sight Here we present an antique Springfield Armory US Model 1851 Cadet Rifle-Musket, manufactured in 1853, "Allen & Wheelock Center Hammer Lipfire Army Revolver. We are used to German small arms being highly efficient and modern for their times, but the Reichsrevolver is an exception to that trend. It has Birmingham proof marks. Gun has approximately 60% blue. This is an interesting little pocket pistol manufactured in Belgium I circa 1895. This is an exquisite German pocket revolver in obsolete 320 British calibre. K/9 CAV". The grips have been cut out at the butt strap to accept a leather thong which the soldier, "Tranter .31 Caliber Percussion Two Trigger Revolver. ©2020 gunstar.co.uk - all rights reserved - a member of the Friday-Ad network  |, Sign me up to the gunstar.co.uk newsletter, Send me offers and promotions from third parties. Nagant M1895 • Rast & Gasser M1898 • Steyr-Hahn • Luger • C96 • Reichsrevolver • M1892 • S&W No.3 • Frommer Stop • M.07 Roth Grenades M1914 • Rohr • … Hard to find factory engraved Metropolitan Navy revolver. The Model 1879 Deutsche Armeerevolver was the first standard, cartridge-firing handgun adopted by the German army. Condition is Like New. ... A okay Uberti. Cup Prime Large Frame ""Army"" .42 caliber revolver. The grips do not have inspector marks but this is a late production, "Plant 2nd Model Iron Frame Revolver. "Manhattan Factory Engraved Series IV .36 caliber revolver. Russian Mosin-Nagant 91/30 – MO Marked Double dated $ 399.00 $ 369.00 Add to cart; Russian Mosin-Nagant 91/30 – MO Double Date $ 359.00 Add to cart Russian Mosin-Nagant 91/30 – Hex Receiver $ 399.00 $ 369.00 Add to cart; Sale! "Factory Engraved Remington 1858 New Model Army .44 caliber revolver. The mechanical function is very good, crisp and tight with a very good bore. These were the early guns and a difficult gun to get in the Navy Model. Search, buy and sell Revolver on GunStar today! Marked Revolver (C13818), "Factory Engraved Metropolitan Navy (AH4424), "British Circa 1810 New Land Pattern Flintlock Pistol (AH4937), "Remington Beals Navy .36 Caliber Revolver (AH4510), "Tranter .31 Caliber Percussion Two Trigger Revolver (AH4923), "Unusual Belgian Pryse Style Revolver (AH4481), "Adams Percussion Revolver Mark I (BAH3912), "Plant Mfg. Barrel has 80% of the original blue. Very good wood grips wit, CIVIL WAR Antique COLT 1861 NAVY .36 Cal Revolver Scarce First Year Production Here we present an antique Colt 1861 Navy Percussion Revolver, made in 1861, during the American Civil War. Waren doch sämtliche noch vorhandene "Reichsrevolver" ab 1914 ausgegeben worden und treue Begleiter während des Ersten Weltkriegs. Lock with maker’s, Serial #13069, .450 CF, 5 3/4" octagonal barrel with a fine, bright bore that has traces of mild freckling within the grooves. German Model 1879 Reichsrevolver, made by V.C. The i, FINE, RARE, CASED MASS. This is a S&W Schofield revolver that is marked as a Wells Fargo gun. Here we present an antique Remington New Model Army Percussion Revolver, likely issued, This is Plants Mfg. 3 1/2" OCTAGONAL BARREL...SEE PICS. Reichsrevolver 3 points 4 points 5 points 1 year ago My $0.02: I went with around 250ml for my first spirit runs when I was learning; I found having smaller, even volumes helpful at the start as my nose/taste buds weren't in tune with Heads/Hearts/Tails when making cuts the next day (this took about 7 runs for me to figure out). SILVER MOUNTED CAUCASIAN MIQUELET LOCK HOLSTER PISTOL. This is a great parts gun, or use for building your own complete Reichsrevolver. The original Army revolver was modified by cutting the barrel to 5 inches by several dealers to inc, "British pattern 1776 Royal Forester’s carbine by Mather New Castle with bayonet. This gun is marked on the left hand side of the frame “/co. The revolver ... RARE**Early Production Serial Number **1865- 1871 Patent, Smith & Wesson New Model No. This gun is a near perfect restoration with nice sharp edges. It was the first centerfire handgun adopted by the fledgling German Empire—a simple design in line with similar European revolvers of the period. UNUSUAL MARKINGS! It is cup primed 42 caliber front loading 6 shot single action Army revolver. 44 cal stainless euro arms Remington 1858, new model army percussion revolver. 6905; 38 C.F. 5in fluted barrel. The world record for a Colt revolver was made in April 2018 by Rock Island Auctions and was for a ... Colt 41 army special. Factory engraved and silver plated (no plating remains). All markings are nice and clear. This is the rarest 4 inch barrel ... Tranter Patent 54 Bore Double Trigger Revolver second model retailed by W Richards 105 Bourne ... Get new email alerts for new ads matching this search: Search thousands of ads on the UK's top firearms classifieds site. ARMS Pocket Model ADAMS PATENT Percussion Revolver 1 of Only 100 Manufactured in This Configuration! 29421. Antique CIVIL WAR US MILITARY Contract Percussion REMINGTON New Model ARMY Made and Shipped Circa 1863-65! Marked with a crow, "Plant Mfg. Steel ramrod of swell an, "Martial Colt 1851 Navy U.S. The very best Army-Navy we have ever seen. Action works perfectly. "Revolver with high fire rate and moderate damage." Frame has 95% original tarnished silver. Grips, "Remington New Model Army Conversion revolver. Engraving is sharp and grips are nice. Every item on our website is guaranteed to be authentic and to be as described. Artillery”, 5-1/2”x45COLT. About Wordery. The hammer is frozen and no parts on this gun move. The matching serial number is 5076. 55mm - - needs mech work, otherwise very good. All Sold items are marked X X X. The barrel has spots of scattered pitting. About 50% of the original nickel remaining. Leather covered stock with silver mounts. This is a second-year-of-production revolver that has trace, Antique CIVIL WAR US MILITARY Contract Percussion REMINGTON New Model ARMY Made and Shipped Circa 1863-65! 3, 32-44 ... Lovely italian made. Smooth gray patina. Over 700 items for sale. Cup Prime Large Frame ""Army"" .42 (AH3016), "Remington New Model Army Conversion (AH4861), "Scarce Early Remington Beal’s Navy Revolver (AH4410), "Manhattan Factory Engraved Series IV .36 (AH4357), "Tranter 5th Pattern also known as Tranter Adams Kerr Revolver (AH4899), "Merwin & Hulbert 1st Model Army Revolver (AH5565). - even plum finish on reasonably crisp metal, a bit mottled on barrel; there are just few individual pits and a couple dings; fine markings. Yeah, that didn't happen. Sound smooth wood grips with usage marks. Cylinder has no scene remaining. Retaining nearly all of the finish, excellent grips. The first centerfire adopted by the newly formed German empire, the model 1879 Reichsrevolver had traits we would typically associate with Russian arms rather than German. I have a reichsrevolver made by V.C.S. 2. Browning Hi-Power Brown Leather Holster Hi Power. Also, it has unit markings on the butt. .44 Caliber. Barrel length 8.9 inches. Neu entdecktes Archivmaterial machte es möglich, die Geschichte des "Reichsrevolvers" neu zu bewerten und ausführlich darzustellen. It has a triangular post fore sight and the rear sight consists of a grooved hammer. Antique & Obsolete Calibre Firearms - We undertake deactivation and firearm repair work in our custom built and well equiped workshop. Well, I had seen all the posts about us in .44 Russian/Special brass and ammo, so I didn't expect much of a surprise. It has seen some real use. The rifles were manufactured in both centrefire and rimfire calibres (14mm x 33mm) and the calibre is obsolete so can be owned in the UK without a license. Frame marked W broad arrow D B13 747 R (same on the cylinder) ADAMS PATENT No. Caliber with 7 ½” Barrel; 1861 Navy Inspection Marks; Also has Post War Conversion Naval Inspection Marks – Possible One of, This is a fantastic example of a Dutch “Old Model” Revolver rig, that retains about 93-94% original blue. Hammer is difficult to cock, and cylinder doesn't rotate fully into position. The lock of this rifle is dated 1862 and is a centrefire rifle in excellent condition with a tight action and clean bore. The bore is very good bright and shiny with strong rifl, Serial #82159, .442 CF, 3 1/2" barrel with a fine, bright bore that has some traces of mild freckling within the grooves. Western, II World War, I World War and Old weapons. black powder, 6 shot Revolver. Barrel length 6" and overall length 12". Gun is all matching. Serial is #447. Gun has 70% of an old nickel finish. UNIQUE LANYARD RING SAFETY. Action w, The bore is, unbelievably, good and it does function properly. A very good Flintlock Blunderbuss by William Andrew Beckwith, with very rare 2 stage barrel ... Small. Slight wear on muzzle.and grips . Action wo, "Remington Beals' Navy .36 Caliber Percussion. It was a single-action design in which spent cartridge cases were ejected with a rod carried separately, and it featured a distinctive muzzle … Metal. German WW1 Tank Crew Panzer Badge. These new guns retained the exact same lockwork was the 1879 pattern, but with a shorter barrel and redesigned frame and grip. Excellent as restored. Artillery”, 5-1/2”x45COLT. Antique MERWIN HULBERT Single Action Army Revolver, Extremely Rare Colt 1861 Navy – Navy Conversion, Excellent Dutch "Old Model" Revolver Rig ~1905, "9th Cavalry Marked Remington New Model Army Revolver (AH4621), CIVIL WAR Antique C.S. Scarce early gun with the Beal’s marked barrel and Beal’s style lever. 44 caliber., 6 shot. German Reichsrevolver Model 1879 with Holster Description: Serial #5642, 10.6 x 25R, 7" barrel with an about good bore that has freckling throughout its length with some heavier pitting towards the muzzle. Very good factory engraved Manhattan. This is another interesting little pocket pistol manufactured in Belgium I circa 1895. 11mm German Ordnance, with 7 barrel and a for sale by Rickys Gun Room Inc on GunsAmerica - 908188604 Scarce revolver estimated at 250 made in the 1860’s. Plant Mfg. CUSTOM-MADE? Griswold Company, New Orleans. It makes one want to cry. $850 Scarce German Reichsrevolver M.1879 (long barrel) leather holster. Bore has rifling, yet is pitted throughout. Joslyn - Carbine - .50 caliber - Item Number: JOS1641 Rifle type: Single Shot Action: Hammer Barrel length: 21 Sights: Factory Sights Weight: 7 lbs, 1 oz Overall condi, "Tranter 5th Pattern also known as Tranter Adams Kerr Revolver with barrel forged integral with the frame. Martial Colt 1851 Navies are scarce since most of th, "Factory Engraved Metropolitan Navy. These are very interesting guns as each chamber in the cylinder held two charges, one lo, "British Circa 1810 New Land Pattern Flintlock Pistol. Beautiful replica of the rare Model 1894 Reichsrevolver. The cylinder comes completely out of the gun. Very unusual Pryse style gun with a lever on the side to break open the gun. Model 3 Schofield Second (Standard) Model .45 S&W Caliber Revolver, "Remington Beals' Navy .36 Caliber Percussion (AH4795), "Plant 2nd Model Iron Frame Revolver (AH5404). First off, this is an extreme rarity (read the pages from Kopecs great book on the military Colts that deal with. ARMS Pocket Model ADAMS PATENT Percussion Revolver 1 of Only 100 Manufactured in This Configuration! The cylinder pin holds the cylinder well but the latch to lock, #4948 Colt S/A 5-1/2”x45COLT, “U.S. Bag type wooden grip, double action with removable cylinder. 20” overall with 14” engraved .60 cal. & C.G.H shul germany it has number 1 stamped on everything screws n all its in excellent shape just the bluing mostly gone it has original holster with it im trying to find value of gun can anyone help me plze thanks . VCS . This is an iron frame model. .44 M&H caliber. Nice sharp gun with 25% of the original blue on metal. Sale! clicking the buy-button next to each item. Recently, I was able to get a Reichsrevolver for a good price and decided it would be a fun addition. This revolver has U.S. sub Inspectors marks on the cylinder, barrel, and frame. FINE, RARE, CASED MASS. Thursday 3rd March: Toys (Lots 1-291, 10am start) Collectables including Coins, Stamps, Postcards, Records, etc (Lots 501-724, 12.30pm approx start) No finish to speak of, but all of the edges are crisp and it does not show any real signs of wear. It did not take long for some of the handling problems of the model 1879 Reichsrevolver to become apparent, and the result was a redesign to the model of 1883. Serial number range is 3036-8969 and this pistol', "Perrin First Type Revolver. This is a very colorful revolver. Pietta storekeeper. This is a nice looking, transitional model revolver that has 85-90% of t, "Remington New Model Navy Conversion. 28" Round .64 caliber barrel with fine bore. SILVER MOUNTED RUSSIAN OR CAUCASIAN MIQUELET LOCK HOLSTER PISTOL. That's why I'm happy to provide this light-weight and sturdy replica at a fraction of the cost of an original. Pettengill Double Action Army Revolver, made during the A. very Early Antique British Webley Mk.I Revolver. If you, "Factory Engraved Remington 1858 New Model Army .44 (AH4783), Rare Colt 1878 Revolver Australian Issued and London Marked. CCH . barrel with double gold bands and dated 1701. S & W Schofield Revolver Marked Wells Fargo Express. Please select a location from the drop-down list. This gun would be hard to improve upon. Pettengill CAVALRY Revolver U.S. Martially Inspected & Issued MILITARY Pistol, British Webley Mk.I Revolver (Very Rare Early Antique). Marked Revolver. The mechanical function is very good, crisp and tight. Schilling & Company, serial # 48xx, cal. This is an 1883 German Reichsrevolver Barrel, Frame, and small parts including Hammer, Mainspring, trigger guard, cylinder stop and spring, & trigger spring. {{ links […]

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