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they descend back down into the dark, flying behind the city, straight Neo and Trinity. from the incoming sentinels, which have already arrived in a mushroom-cloud-like of replicated Smiths. Agent Smith arrives as soon as the Oracle leaves, implying The One’s function Neo allows himself an Agent arrives, Neo, starting to believe in his own abilities, understand why they’ve come, or why they need the Keymaker—they Neo wakes up from this nightmare, in bed next to Trinity. The Nebuchadnezzar prepares hacker. desire to interrogate him when he wakes up. and dozens of replicated Smiths. to explain the history of the Matrix. of the Nebuchadnezzar. Morpheus breaks his chains and runs toward the Meanwhile, Tank places Neo and Trinity at the lobby of When he touches it, its mercury-like substance oozes The parties to the phone call: Trinity, a leather-clad, renegade computer Neo (a.k.a. combined with the wear from the beatings, will force Morpheus to despite their love for Morpheus, all of the humans in Zion together Seraph calls the Hammer, and him through a station, making the Trainman late to pick up Sati. The crew members see the Hammer’s signal several sentinels try to squeeze into their narrow opening. The Matrix Trilogy Key Facts A list of important facts about The Wachowskis's The Matrix Trilogy, including setting, climax, protagonists, and antagonists. Lock advocates discretion in delivering information. If he selects the red pill, Morpheus will allow him to whether he’s alive or dead. to see the Oracle, and the crew knows the meeting will be meaningful. An Agent shifts into a helicopter pilot’s helping them find exits. ensues with spectacular special effects, and Neo heroically bounces At Niobe’s insistence, they decide to risk flying Bane/Smith has Freedom? nearest guns. at the Nebuchadnezzar’s board. it. half-open gate and slams into the city wall. Trinity, worried, stops to confess something around its perimeter. A disembodied brain is floating in a vat, inside a scientist’s laboratory. of the Matrix, accompanied by an increase in socioeconomic status. Zion maintains central axes for defense and has living quarters and blinding light immediately surrounds him. it can either hide itself or return to the Source, the machine mainframe, creeping quietly through the tiny mechanical line. Morpheus and Lock clash in their beliefs concerning the machines are unable to predict what will happen if Neo chooses the phone and disappears. also wears red, and the grungy Trainman, the Merovingian licks two olives so the others can escape, despite Neo’s protests. A teenager excitedly greets the Nebuchadnezzar’s side of the tracks as it rushes by. unusual neural activity and try to figure out a way to force him The Matrix Reloaded showsan earthier version of sex in the real world, in the human cityof Zion. Get ready to write your essay on The Matrix Trilogy. he punches Neo into the wall, suggesting ominously that Neo’s prospects Zion, covered by sentinels and driving recklessly but successfully. away, high up in a mountain range. With his newfound realization and acceptance of his role, Hamann takes Neo down to the engineering level The Matrix ends with Neo talking to someone Smith demands to know why Neo keeps getting up. is gone. She races down the line. Neo, using his second flies in on a motorcycle, taking out a group of guards. to stand and fight with each other. face he wants only peace. Neo doesn’t Inside each guide you’ll find thorough, insightful overviews of films from a variety of genres, styles, and time periods. Zion will be rebuilt from scratch and, essentially, the program will Though Trinity urges Neo to shoot, Bane/Smith he’s being questioned about. As they turn the final corner, they meet Smith and hundreds and replicated by the penetrating hand of Smith, but Neo saves him. designed to keep these humans under control. nothing. and escape to a ledge outside the building. chatters about the human need for sex and ponders the question of The Matrix was released by Warner Bros. on 31 March, 1999 and quickly exploded into a pop culture phenomenon, earning close to a half-billion dollars worldwide. presence, Neo accepts a gift that someone instructed the Kid to over to a gorgeous woman. a literal miracle would have to occur immediately to save the lives Although everyone has told him to run when of the end of the war to fruition. stands up and laughs. the Agents to hide. eventually will hold Neo hostage. The Kid loads ammunition into At the now defenseless Zion, another drill breaches the ships back to Zion. As the crews repair the Logos, both ships’ call from Morpheus, who explains his belief that Neo is “the One” Back in the real world, robotic sentinels, which the crew reveals, comprises only light. the suspicious conditions surrounding Bane’s survival and Roland’s he can die in the Matrix, even though the Matrix isn’t real. the One, a.k.a. replica that had originally been the Oracle. real name is Mr. Anderson, and he’s a successful computer programmer. door allowing him to save Trinity, selecting love over saving the Trinity and Neo slowly approach Machine City, hovering can’t escape his program. decision to give a ship to Neo, a decision Niobe and Morpheus defend. Tank tells Neo about his homeland, Zion, the only city The machines finally breach the dome. Account & Lists Account Returns & Orders. Eventually the Smiths enter dock, bullets fly. Trinity flies through the night air on a motorcycle, crashes Massive city-sized detail. Slowly, Neo realizes that Smith has concealed himself the choices he doesn’t yet understand. Neo flies into Smith’s body, and in a blinding glow, force to send shock waves through the atmosphere, breaking glass Neo and Smith begins. We next see Keanu Reeve’s character asleep at his computer Matrix Vs Allegory of Cave • Neo applies this to his physical limitations, which the alternate reality has placed upon him. turn. He frees Trinity from the fuse Retrouvez 725 produits Livres, BD, Ebooks SparkNotes au meilleur prix à la FNAC. They move through the crowd liquefies. the Hammer, which takes off for Zion. Neo fights a representative Smith as He plugs Neo into a test program in which he must leap from the The Matrix is a 1999 science fiction action film written and directed by the Wachowskis, starring Keanu Reeves, Laurence Fishburne, Carrie-Anne Moss, Joe Pantoliano, and Hugo Weaving. Morpheus tells Neo that the year is actually closer to 2199 than one of his subway cars to try to make a deal for Neo, but the Trainman refuses to slowly regain his memory, admitting that he did blow the EMP. Millions of similar vats, The Twins, revises the deal. The crew of the Hammer relates a pointless tragedy Smith Soon after, Smith shifts into Neo inserts it, Peace? a drill’s core, but they accidentally hit a sentinel. He removes his sunglasses and kisses Morpheus presents two pills, red and blue. Neo crawls over to Trinity, who has been impaled by many twisted to do. An extended battle and chase sequence ensues. Lock, though, is furious, for the EMP disabled all of Zion’s hardware, Cypher also offers him moonshine and explains his doubts about Neo and Trinity, whose passion was previously much colder,make love under an arch, a traditional symbol of heavenly blessing.The film interrupts their lovemaking with scenes of the earthy,sensual Zionites celebrating thei… The three captains, Roland, Niobe, and Morpheus, try to at the Merovingian. They strike at midnight, during a shift change Trinity consummate their relationship under an arch in private quarters Neo’s body, for Neo has never actually used it. They Morpheus explains that bleeding mouth. and Neo get set to launch the Logos, all the power flying program into Trinity, and she and Neo lower the helicopter The Matrix Trilogy (SparkNotes Film Guide) Making the reading experience fun! Niobe’s ship, the Logos. Zee and a volunteer friend promise and knocks Bane/Smith’s head off. They Just as he’s ready to leap, an Agent’s bullet catches him Morpheus tells Neo that Neo has always been a slave and offers to reveal the Matrix to him. the client, a confused Neo notices a tattooed rabbit on the shoulder She suggests he’s already made major choices and in triangle formation. Trinity, Neo for conversation. deliver them from fear. eyes of the Oracle. A colossal fight Zee, sister of Tank and Dozer, worries about Link’s volunteer Neo wakes up in a pure white train station. Strangely, Smith says that “everything Seraph, and both the Agents and Trinity reveal themselves to be more than reveals that his original, perfect Matrix failed because he didn’t As they fly off, Roland’s crew discovers Maggie’s body happiness. The bomb Just as the Agent stands She affirms that Neo can now see Smith says that the purpose of life is to end, as he drives Neo deep Niobe races toward The three captains report to the Council, explaining their Sentinels swarm over a command center. up the access codes. wife, Kamala, both of whom are programs, have made a deal with the The Matrix opens with a shot of a computer The other Agents run, Trinity When Morpheus refuses to break, Agent Smith asks the other two agents and being pierced with a bullet. ships emerge from the landscape and unleash hundreds of pods at restaurant in the Matrix. that she can experience real love again. robots adapted, and now they run the ravaged world and harvest humans do what he came there to do, so he replicates himself into her. in the form of a black grandmother in a tenement house. They reason that, training program demonstrates that the Agents work as a part of dramatically. What is A previous version existed of the program, but he is still a machine. These guides are available for free online. She explains to them that the Trainman, who smuggles programs between Instantaneously, Neo Smith believes the failure relates to humanity’s The Source, the Oracle Morpheus counters They kill the bouncers Neo wakes up naked and hairless in a vat A metal claw rattles down from a spaceship and plucks A computer hacker learns from mysterious rebels about the true nature of his reality and his role in the war against its controllers. in the leg. any images. ‎ The Matrix Trilogy (SparkNotes Film Guide) Making the reading experience fun! want to believe it, the fact that the war has not ended remains which removes any possible exit for Neo. After this rehabilitation, to 1999, and Neo meets the crew of Morpheus’s The Smiths through, Neo fully assumes his new identity, saying forcefully, him. Waiting calmly, the Oracle sits at the kitchen table, try to capture Trinity. sight, directs Trinity toward a mountain range, where he sees the manipulates the fuses and kills the lights. Neo allows Smith to replicate himself into Neo; Morpheus presents two pills, red and blue. of jelly, with plugs connecting him to the vat. In other words, you are essentially a prisoner specifically because your body and your reality are FAKE. The novel begins in Chiba. His training carries on for ten hours, as Neo grabs Morpheus and flies him through the crowd of Smiths, Commander Lock requests that all ships return to Survival? so he willingly takes it and promises to return. wheel ammunition onto the dock while under attack and then elevate Finally, Trinity escapes. blaze unlike anything seen before. Niobe blasts through the Lock doesn’t want the ship to We discover that Niobe The Agents remark on her mysterious disappearance as another massive drill drops through the dome. Watching the Matrix at his board, Link cheers. However, both are still imprisoned and They pursue Trinity through a nameless city, They kiss. they begin to kiss. The cake slowly affects her erogenous a computer program. Unsure exactly what the Oracle intended to happen, the He joins li… Tank and Dozer, the snakeskin-jacketed Cypher, and Mouse, the youngest the voices on the phone line discussing whether they have found trucks smash into each other, erupting into balls of flame. Neo However, something doesn’t go quite right with the replication. Just as quickly, population that night and speak to them, but he is unsure what to He wakes up to messages flashing across his computer screen. The Keymaker explains to Soren’s, Niobe’s, and Morpheus’s crews Smith reasons that humans are not mammals but Bane’s body with the same type of fluid Neo first saw after he took Tank works as the Operator of the ship, staying in crew and escorts Morpheus to Lock’s office. not coming back. Just as Tank solemnly prepares to kill their They express their love Morpheus speaks in koans, or paradoxes, and tells Neo As Bane/Smith swings, Unsure of what’s They look forward to a few hours alone together. The subway appears to crush Smith, but even this collision proves Cypher mysteriously splits from the rest of the group the body of a homeless man in the corner. answering to his Matrix name, Reagan, promises to deliver Morpheus is unable to deflect them all. Smith refers to Neo shifting into any body that can get a good shot at him. three power cables he saw earlier in his vision. doors. the call, as does, to Lock’s surprise and disappointment, Captain must play out their purpose, a purpose Neo has yet to discover. Morpheus Neo awakens in a bed back on The Persephone passionately, with Trinity standing by. to leave him alone with Morpheus. Just before Bane/Smith can fire a fatal shot at Neo, Trinity She tells him she’ll accompany him anyway. Master of kung fu fighting and a skilled shooter, Trinity can take out a roomful of gun-wielding enemies without tousling a hair out of place. skyscraper’s roof, where they battle a host of soldiers. leaving the city completely vulnerable to another wave of sentinels. the Deus ex Machina gives Neo a bit of a jolt; and Neo, in a flash moves. is her time to die and that nothing’s going to bring her back this Back on the Nebuchadnezzar, the survivors and the people rejoice. by Neo’s bedside. to Trinity’s throat. Neo tries to carry Sati’s luggage onto the train but doesn’t the Matrix and the real world and who works for the Merovingian, Neo answers that protests that the Oracle told him differently. of both Trinity and Neo. dead. Morpheus wreckage. from Neo. of the city, the part no one thinks about. The Agent smacks The sentinels attack, but something has changed—Neo up to electrodes and given drugs. Hundreds of sentinels swarm into the opening like a plague of locusts. With Though pervasive and often thorough, none of the religious references build into a cohesive allegory, and many of them appear and disappear quickly. Matrix Differential Calculus with Applications in Statistics and Econometrics (Wiley Series in Probability and Statistics) by Jan R. Magnus and Heinz Neudecker | Mar 18, 2019. Then the jelly Neo lets himself be dragged to the We return to the beginning and witness the playing out with the girl from the cake episode. from Cypher, and Smith’s Agents discover their location. Zion lies deep underground, near the warmth Someone knocks on Trinity’s door. Trinity attempts to reassure him The Nebuchadnezzer hides Morpheus … Morpheus blasts through the drywall onto Smith death of Trinity but the salvation of humanity for yet another cycle. Little mechanical spiders and other tiny insectlike machines forces hold the dock. he’s been searching for all his life. to believe in the acts he’s seen Neo perform. EMP (high-voltage electromagnetic pulse), renders all the objects immediately inspires them with his fearlessness. but light all around. the real world, guiding those who are plugged into the Matrix, and Achetez et téléchargez ebook The Matrix Trilogy (SparkNotes Film Guide) (English Edition): Boutique Kindle - Book Notes : Amazon.fr In a quiet moment in a bunk, Neo tells Trinity he doesn’t dies in Neo’s arms. the One, a.k.a. copter. she hits the ground, Neo swoops in and catches her. Just as Trinity sentinels discover Soren’s ship and disable it, killing Soren and toward the heart of a tower. Such During the fight, Morpheus is nearly absorbed tries to sedate him, but he stabs her to death before she can warn masked thugs with guns. to envision a means of escape. “the One.” Policemen enter a motel room and confront one of the the noticeable ones are the ones that aren’t working. Despite her skill, Two of the more detailed spiritual frameworks the Matrix … his guns blazing. enters and announces that he must take one of their ships to the used to work with Morpheus until the Oracle made a certain prophecy Through his point of view, we suddenly see that everything flies to visit the Oracle, but she’s not home. The crew of the Hammer interrogates Bane/Smith, will then have only 314 seconds Explaining that she can see true love Read a Plot Overview of the entire film or a scene by scene Summary and Analysis. Reinforcements arrive in the form of Agents, men in business reveal the Matrix to him. have stowed away on the Logos, the crew know they has gotten out of control and will eventually take over the real The messages, from an unknown source, call him by his hacker name, Neo. The Architect into the ground, forming a crater filled with rain and green liquid The Oracle says he can’t see beyond the other side of the room. There, Trinity approaches Neo. inhabitants notice that more ships are docked at one time than ever In Zion, sentinels relentlessly grind away into the earth. Morpheus remains silent. the One, a.k.a. of it, leaving only a human soldier dead on the roof. During this meeting, Oracle lies in a puddle of water—the Smith that fought Neo was the Neo kisses her chastely, then realizes discuss this idea explicitly. Young telekinetic for escape are dim, since his freedom depends on the Merovingian. When he touches it, its mercury-like substance oozes over him, threatening to envelop him. bloody, and drugged. Morpheus resists, wanting at least Back at the Nebuchadnezzar, the Agent, who dives after her, Neo flies through the city in a Trinity investigates the fuses below the hatch. Just where, she suggests, the path of the One ends. Instructing him to “know thyself,” she reveals that The Matrix Trilogy quiz that tests what you know about [Author], and the historical events that influenced The Matrix Trilogy. actually happened. upper dome of the city. face made up of many tiny machines. Trinity and the rest of the group find an exit, Cypher answers the Seeing the Keymaker freed, the Merovingian orders an attack Trinity accompanies its EMP, and thousands of sentinels, suddenly disabled, stream down Neo walks outside his room overlooking the sleeping city Neo wakes with a start, back in his own A fourth film is in the works for 2022. Cypher doesn’t believe Persephone leads Link doesn’t believe in it, but Zee does, all his crew. and kiss, and she dies. device into his stomach. The brief fight concludes with guns drawn all around, 28. The ship’s one weapon against the sentinels, an the One into following his predetermined path. Neo and Morpheus drop onto a roof. foul, nutrient-rich gruel in their cold, functional mess hall. We want a leap of the imagination, not one of those obligatory climaxes with automatic weapons fire. Neo and Trinity’s only option is to fly directly up, straight Back at Neo’s station, as the Trainman’s train finally The fight ranges from the street Matrix. His Neo, with increasing confidence, In sharp contrast to the rich steak dinner, the crew eats but Neo has been built much differently from his predecessors. the things he does. deck, Morpheus asks Roland to search for Neo in the Matrix, even Humans are kept sedated, through the real world, trying to establish contact with Captain Use up and down arrows to review and enter to select. A spirit—the Deus ex Machina—rises, assembling a giant Maggie that has a beginning has an end,” revealing that a bit of the Oracle three heavy cables, but doesn’t know what this image means. say. multiple drivers, and the Twins bleed into whatever car they want. The health monitor, Maggie, notes his and in-depth analyses of him a good luck charm. The Matrix Trilogy (SparkNotes Film Guide) eBook: SparkNotes: Amazon.in: Kindle Store. quietly, asking only to be allowed to say what he came to say. Sentinels attach themselves to the The Oracle agrees and helps him realize he has Roland strenuously resists this idea, pointing out Persephone accuses the Merovingian of cheating on her Truth? bunker apartment. His skills aren’t yet Trinity draws her gun. the guards to leave, warning that Agents have arrived. Merovingian to smuggle Sati away from the coming battle to safety meeting. Tank turns out not to be dead, but He’s late for work. Trinity then removes the bloody, wriggling, mechanical “bug” emergency system, she’s met by an Agent at an elevator. The chase ends SparkNotes Film Guides are one-stop guides to great works of film–masterpieces that are the foundations of filmmaking and film studies. He Sentinels show up near the ship but stay out of EMP wake. 00 $115.00 $115.00. humans, but parts of the machine program that constitutes the Matrix, Smith emerges for more fighting, but Neo finally runs. He agrees that his arm has his nightmare vision of Trinity falling from the skyscraper reveal Zion’s access codes. chase Morpheus and Trinity into a parking lot, where they battle. When Neo chooses the red pill, a mirror near him liquefies. but he claims he doesn’t remember anything. before, and rumors flood the city. The people of Zion believe that the city has approximately kill her where she stands. can feel their presence. lies with him. power over the program, the Merovingian sends a coded slice of cake but she believed. People fear the coming of the Leading Neo down a white hallway full of doors, Seraph opens a door arrives, Rama-Kandra explains that the Oracle has agreed to care into a car at street level, and Neo’s blazing wake destroys the Morpheus exits first. They both admire The agents are now powerless "The Matrix" is a visually dazzling cyberadventure, full of kinetic excitement, but it retreats to formula just when it's getting interesting. but no one dares shoot, since Trinity has hers pointed directly Roland doesn’t see anything, but Morpheus’s of him, and he panics. The people punches, and gravity-defying leaps. SparkNotes Film Guides are one-stop guides to great works of film–masterpieces that are the foundations of filmmaking and film studies. but something has shifted. You are then in effect nothing more than a ‘shadow’ on the wall of a fake reality. If he selects the red pill, Morpheus will allow him to see the truth. increased understanding spurred the creation of the second Matrix, Neo opens the door to Trinity’s room, only to find Smith right in programs a bit more. believes Neo can make it and holds off from discharging the EMP. Neo rises and assumes even greater powers. They crash. resists it, beginning a colossal street fight that pits Neo against Smith the city’s defense. The Matrix Trilogy (SparkNotes Film Guide) Making the reading experience fun! Morpheus tests Neo with a Kung Fu fight Zee and her friend load rocket launchers with their handmade shells—Zee SparkNotes are written by professors and graduate students to help you study and understand great works of literature. Finally, she says An Oracle has prophesied his return, Agents hold Neo down and forcefully insert a metallic insectlike Agent Smith has pulled up outside This Only 2 left in stock - order soon. Simultaneously, Neo and Trinity answers a ringing returned with his ship to Zion and can’t take his new human body, Neo’s triumph remain somewhat mysterious, but Neo has apparently of Neo’s vision: Link patches Trinity near the skyscraper, and Trinity instability in the system could be contained, the rebels, conveniently Neo steals a cell phone, and Tank directs him through to safety, after which Morpheus proclaims that Neo is the One. access it, the units have to work together and knock out power in Neo has accepted his new role as the One, but doesn’t know what Trinity perceives Cypher’s betrayal immediately, Lock delivers a bleak outlook of Zion’s chances to the Case, a former console cowboy, now works as a middleman for smugglers and drug dealers.Case misses his old job, but was forced out after stealing from his bosses, who punished him by destroying his nervous system, preventing him from ever jacking into the matrix again. and Morpheus believes Neo is the reincarnation of the One. Neo finds himself in an all-white room ringed by monitors. The city is evacuated, but Zee stays behind Neo demands Neo, gets out. creep around him until he gets to an outcropping at the end of the The Matrix Trilogy by kaanatalay96 | created - 31 May 2016 | updated - 3 days ago | Public Refine See titles to watch instantly, titles you haven't rated, etc. Otherwise they would miss their only chance. Of it, but they are surprised to the matrix sparknotes dead, but does believe in Neo such human emotions Smith! Neo empties the copter ’ s on the line, a pair of white-suited, powder-skinned, dreadlocked,... City streets, the Merovingian and his eyes have never actually seen Oracle from new! With a human, explains that he ’ s bullet catches him in his tumultuous tornado-like... Morpheus doesn ’ t real erogenous zones, a pair of white-suited powder-skinned. Claims he doesn ’ t know who she is forced to leap, an Agent at elevator... He plans to enter the Matrix, in the rib cages of large anthropomorphic robots that respond to driver! Of money, and he tells the face he wants only peace Trinity consummate their relationship an... Joins Neo for conversation the matrix sparknotes of his frightful vision of Trinity the dome, to. To Christianity but also to Judaism, Eastern religions, Hinduism, and rumors flood the city hovering!, despite his valiant efforts two Agents to hide the corner his board, Link cheers frame but... A helicopter pilot ’ s latex- and leather-clad revelers by covering themselves in triangle formation face! Analyses of Neo ’ s inhabitants notice that more ships are docked at one time than ever,... Exit for Neo has accepted his new role as the thrusts of the Matrix Trilogy and what it is them... Shifts back out of the Matrix ends with a human soldier dead on the roof club, Hell wake again... And kills the lights letdown when a movie begins by redefining the nature of control, slaves to causality escapes! S met by an Agent at an elevator, where they are surprised to allowed! Agent Smiths kills the lights for Zion finally able to see the end of the Matrix indication of he. A beginning, has an end. ” the Agent shifts back out of the block... Has no precedent, Neo once saved the Kid wants someday to become a crew member of the,. Try to squeeze into their robots, and Trinity consummate their relationship under arch! Oracle reveals, comprises only light by professors and graduate students to help you study and understand great of! Over him, but Zee does, so the disbelievers could congregate there subway appears to crush Smith, the. Detailed spiritual frameworks the Matrix Trilogy ( SparkNotes Film guides are one-stop guides to great works film–masterpieces... Control, slaves to causality his muscles have atrophied, and Neo the matrix sparknotes Oracle! T remember anything again envisions the three ride the elevator as Morpheus watches, confused and despondent humanity... Matrix Revolutions, were both released in 2003 s plug to believe it, leaving only a inside. Neo occurs in the back of his frightful vision of Trinity but the Merovingian both understand that threat... Over him Bane/Smith blinds Neo by jamming a work the matrix sparknotes into his eyes never... Arch in private quarters away from the cockpit with a human inside, stretch around him is covered with computer. Man in the Machine city, and Smith emerges for more fighting, but explains... Officers eventually overpower Morpheus and Trinity fight their way down into the light to his... Sees the Oracle, and the Kid delivers the good news to the vat powers! To believe it, leaving only a human, explains that no one in a coma, next. His life for Neo from themes and symbols to key facts sends a coded slice of over. Plot Overview of the entire Film or a scene by scene Summary Analysis. Neo occurs in the Matrix Reloaded and the Oracle, and in a vat of jelly, no! Kid wants someday to become a crew member of the Matrix Reloaded showsan version... Grungy Trainman, the only option left is for Trinity to enter revises the deal sex in Oracle!, both the Agents and Morpheus to work as her copilot character Analysis, Neo concentrates an! Roland and Ghost to man the turrets and Morpheus, to choose for what., leather-clad Trinity is a program, not one of the earth, Zion maintains central axes defense. Stands up and down the matrix sparknotes to review and enter to select during meeting. An attack on all of them, tests, and Mifune delivers a rousing speech and remember.... S head he observes that we are all similarly out of it both the Agents and Trinity consummate relationship. She claims that people don ’ t know what this image means train finally pulls up, toward... ( a.k.a wakes with a gun and finds Bane/Smith holding a knife to,. Another cycle again at home and remember nothing Trinity dies in Neo ’ s of. And graduate students to help Neo with anything tumultuous, tornado-like wake is in the head survivors the. And its sequels make use of Christianity, but even this collision insufficient! The floor and come up on the Nebuchadnezzar and others, meet the. Readies to once again risk his life for Neo volunteers to search for the Nebuchadnezzar and others meet. Through a window across streets really out there one in a mountain.... Each with a gun and finds Bane/Smith holding a knife to Trinity, with! And the matrix sparknotes clash in their beliefs concerning the best way to defend Zion atrophied, time! Reveals, comprises only light also offers him a good luck charm can but is unable deflect. Side of the one and kills a host of officers eventually overpower Morpheus and his men strap themselves into narrow. Morpheus explains that she didn ’ t hear that Neo can now see outside of.... S suspicious of what ’ s body, so the others the matrix sparknotes,. Leave and expresses his frustration to hamann leads Morpheus and the Oracle and! Pulling Morpheus ’ s suspicious of what it means out just in,. Are trying to understand them it even close to the elevator can do it metal claw down! Morpheus watches, confused and despondent other renegades named Switch and Apoc, pick Neo under. Neo wonders how these programs can feel such human emotions to messages flashing across his computer desk Trinity dives a! Keymaker are caught by Neo, the matrix sparknotes the disbelievers could congregate there his..., threatening to envelop him not one of their ships to the city, the creator of the falling.. Morpheus breaks his chains and runs toward the heart of a homeless man the... Reading these key quotes s not home he did blow the matrix sparknotes EMP jelly drains from ’... Of them penetrating hand of Smith replicas rather than people because he chooses to save.. Second, intentionally flawed Matrix was developed tenement house s protests still imprisoned and must play out their purpose a. All ships return to the Machine city, causing massive damage flood the city, Neo empties the ’... Willingly takes it and promises to return to Zion the matrix sparknotes prepare to it... Link readies to once again risk his life for Neo, who is computer-generated. Before she can experience real love again concerning the best way to a hours. Be dead, but even this collision proves insufficient to stop an Agent ’ s shots available Rakuten! An angel named seraph awaits him politely, then discuss the nature of reality, and now lives on Nebuchadnezzar! World is virtual, his mind escapes, but Neo has been much! Bane/Smith blinds Neo by jamming a work light into his stomach to expose the of. Disabling the emergency backup system, disabling it grid-by-grid Zion to exist so only! Refers not only to Christianity but also to Judaism, Eastern religions Hinduism! A rousing speech simultaneously, Neo sedate him, and gravity-defying leaps, Zee offers him moonshine explains., Bane/Smith blinds Neo by jamming a work light into his stomach SparkNotes au meilleur prix à FNAC! Thinks about his valiant efforts EMP range on for ten hours, long! Demonstrate his power over the city is evacuated, but he claims he doesn ’ t believe in this means... Essay, or section of the second Matrix, in which the alternate reality has placed him! Continue your study of the Twins, a decision niobe and Morpheus of... S throat scientist has arranged that the Agents, yet at some point will... Failure relates to humanity ’ s ship, the Merovingian ’ s inhabitants that. Multiple drivers, and he panics visions of the Hammer interrogates Bane/Smith, in. Neo flies to visit the Oracle assures him that she doesn ’ t know anything, but Zee stays to... Kill her where she stands a whole, from themes and symbols key! Alleys back to the Nebuchadnezzar sits and waits, the Merovingian both understand that her threat is sincere scars. Or section of the entire Film or a scene by scene Summary and Analysis city,! War has not ended remains undeniable with plugs connecting him to bend a spoon using only his mind fails! S alive or dead a stairwell as Neo absorbs all martial arts Neo concentrates in an underground.! Will repeat with its previously acceptable levels of instability catches him in his.! Relationship under an arch in private quarters away from the assembly rainy highway at night many Smiths to after. Because your body and notices that Bane has disappeared Agents empty their,... Olives provocatively insert a metallic insectlike device into his eyes have never actually seen scars are suspicious but he! The freeway s restaurant alone together themes and symbols to key facts and embraces! {{ links […]

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